A downloadable Parkour 3D for Windows

This is a third person parkour game that is set in the future. The insane graphics are powered by unreal engine 4.

The lastest update to this game includes controller support ,better optimization and a slightly bigger map. The map will get bigger if I have enough time. Be sure to check out the trailer to the game too! You can head to youtube type jamie_s1000 and then click on the trailor.

I'm an aged 13 Devoloper and I've worked on this for about a week. This is the almost complete version of Parkour - Futuristic edition. The 'Ultra' version includes better graphics eg. Better lensflare and bloom ect. I recomend a decent computer though:


Parkour 3D recommened:

2GHZ Quad core or better

GTX 780 or better


Parkour 3D Ultra recommended:

3.2GHZ Quad core or better

GTX 960 or better



I'm playing with a GTX 970, i5@3.2GHZ and 8GB RAM and i'm getting around 60-62fps.


The light effects in this game are quite heavy so please continue with caution!

Unfortunatly the game files have been lost and deleted in system so unless I find a way to restore them this game will NOT recive any updates.

Install instructions

If you don't have winrar don't panic! Use the .zip download instead. Unfortunately the .zip download is only available for the ultra version.

Extract the contents from the folder to your choice of place. Once extracted open the folder and click The application to run the game.


Parkour 3D.rar 393 MB
Parkour 3D-Ultra.rar 393 MB
Parkour 3D-Ultra.zip 401 MB


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